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Worksheet 1

Grammar in use; web page 9 A. 1 . four. B. 1 ) C. 1 . 4. can easily, cannot may, cannot A 2 . a languages normal water, land installment payments on your 5. three or more. 2 . a few. can, simply cannot 3. can, cannot can, cannot An 4. an 5. The, a lake 3. chess miles

Words in action; page 11 A. 1 . 5. B. 1 ) 2 . supportive 2 . naughty famous 5. clever (a) an elephant (b) It really is about to kick a ball. (a) a puppy (b) It truly is barking. several. angry

Publishing practice; site 12 A. Ram and Sita spent fourteen years in the wilderness. For some time they lived in a hut in the forest. Pets came and played with all of them. They were keen on Ram and Sita. One day Sita was sitting in front of her hut. A squirrel climbed on her clapboard. Sita smiled and picked up the squirrel and stroked her backside. Soon there was black stripes on her again. All squirrels have dark-colored stripes today. This gives out a sensation of Sita's love to them. B. Come to Juhu beach at 7 l. m. about Tuesday. Come alone with ten 1, 000 rupees. C.

D. One particular possibility 1 ) Did you go to the moon exclusively? 2 . Did you consider tools and motor-parts along? 3. How long did it consider you to assemble the can? 4. Was it difficult to operate a vehicle on the celestial body overhead? 5. Performed you have any pictures? 0

Worksheet 2

Sentence structure in use; site 16 A. 1 . installment payments on your 3. N. 1 . some. C. 1 ) 4. Some eat any kind of fruits. I did not read virtually any stories. Some have noodles. bring installment payments on your throw conceal 5. drink swim installment payments on your video camera bread your five. ambulance

3. go 6th. eat three or more. deer

Terms in action; page 18 A. 1 . on the flowers 2 . from a branch several. on the road four. under the forest 5. above B. 1 . line installment payments on your tree three or more. branches some. head C. Tail Head Bowl Writing practice A. It was early morning. Mrs Lal went out to walk in the park. Her dog, sucker, was with her. There was clearly a crow sitting around the grass. Softy barked and ran towards him. The crow would not fly aside. Instead that sat in the back. Sucker was furious. He barked and dived but the crow did not take flight away. In that case he rolled on the lawn. The crow then cawed loudly and flew aside.

Worksheet a few

Grammar utilized; page 22 A. 1 . B. 1 . 2 . several. 4. C. 1 . Are, am, i am 2 . is usually 3. are What is Chief Smart? Precisely what is the name of the kids dog? What did Copt. Smart perform? What do Varun perform? sets installment payments on your croak three or more. love a few. make 4. are

5. eats

Terms in action; webpage 24 A. 1 . B. 1 . write calves installment payments on your caught installment payments on your knives three or more. Buy several. leaves one particular 4. expand 4. baby wolves 5. still left

C. 1 .


installment payments on your leaves

several. wolves

4. calves

Writing practice; site 25 A. A monky is dance and people are giving money to the owner of the monkey. The monkey is famished. He climbs up a mango woods. His owner is angry. A kind guy buys the monkey. He gives him bananas. The monkey is usually sitting around the man's shoulder joint. He is content. B. Knowledge 1 . In the forest. 2 . She was overjoyed. a few. A basketful of berries. 4. Only the sweet berries. C. Students should be prompted to give an exact description of themselves.

Worksheet 4

Grammar in use; page 30 A. 1 . four. B. 1 ) 4. C. 1 . 4. is having am trying in water in the hump patterns the pairs 2 . 5. 2 . a few. 2 . 5. is being attentive wants various meats in winter teachers plays 3. flows six. is approaching 3. hibernate/sleep 3. buys, sells

Phrases in action; site 32 A. 1 . observed, looked at 2 . arrived, emerged 3. big, huge four. assistant, friend 5. teather, chain W. 1 . took away 2 . looking at 3. engagement ring up some. fell straight down C. eat and drink work and play warm and chilly hungry and thirsty Deb. 1 . daddy mother kid 2 . bull cow shaft 3. home mare foal


Producing practice; page 35 A. 1 . Authentic 2 . False 3. Fake 4. Authentic 5. Authentic B. By 8 o'clock on fifteenth August, the top Minister visited the Reddish Fort. This individual unfurled the national flag. About a 1, 000 children sang the national anthem. Then simply he gave a speech and asked all Indians to knuckle down and seriously.

Worksheet a few

Grammar in use; page thirty seven A. Phrases to be entered out: 1 ) on, in 2 . some. under, about 5. W. 1 . container 2 . 4. mangoes 5. Words in action; page 38 A. fishing boat, rock, jewelry, binoculars, leaves, handcuffs B. 1 . The box is full of deliver. 2 . The smugglers are recorded the books. 3. My pal is looking in a...

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