Ceramic Market in Bangladesh

Daffodil Intercontinental University Record of Business and Economics, Vol. your five, No . you & two, December, 2010


Ceramics Tableware Products' Market Placing: A

Relative Study about Leading Corporations in Bangladesh

Golam Mohammad Forkan*

Subjective: Many companies will be producing ceramic products although very few are producing ceramics tableware items; i. at the., Shinepukur Ceramics Ltd., Monno Ceramics Limited., Artisan Ceramics Ltd., Bengal Fine Ceramics Ltd. and so forth This research attempted to understand perceptions of domestic buyers toward leading companies of ceramic industry of Bangladesh through porcelain tableware merchandise s. The analysis found that, Shinepukur is definitely the market innovator, second position is captured by Monno and then others. Consumers choose to products of Shinepukur intended for high quality, company image and nice-looking design and style. On the other hand, consumers prefer the product of Monno for reasonable price, availability and top quality. Very few buyers also order items of additional two leading companies pertaining to negligible causes.

1 . Introduction

" Govt of Bangladesh has presented top priority to the growth of community industries pertaining to achieving monetary prosperity and creating of job possibilities. Ship building, porcelain, light engineering and small , medium enterprises are in the priority list of the government. It will be easy to buy a square foot of ceramic tiles for simply Tk. 31 now, that has been Tk. 130-140 seven to eight years back. It has become possible, since local producers in a bigger way attended into the situation. Earlier, a serious portion of the neighborhood demand for the product was met through imports. In the past monetary year, 21 local leading ceramic ware factories gained more than 35 dollars million from exports with their products to 50 countries. Of the items, ceramic desk wares will be exported to about 60 countries which include, the US and Canada, tiles to India, Nepal and Bhutan, and sanitary wares to the Central East, especially to the UAE. Besides generating valuable foreign currency, the transferring factories and 24 other folks manufacturers likewise cater to the entire demand of domestic marketplace, the size of which includes grown to Tk seven hundred crore in 2008 -09” (bangladesheconomy. wordpress. com).

Individuals are used to household appliances through the very beginning of human civilisation. Habitually humans are making time for aesthetics and they are contributing new and modern utensils everyday by their maturity. Ceramic items are these types of household products. Now-a-days Ceramics Tableware are utility, fortunately they are ornaments of showcases and sign of status.

" The art of hard is perhaps while old while human world. Initially, it started with clay and then passed through levels of molding various mass media like wooden, stone, layer and material before achieving the age of ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic industry took a formal start in the us in 1958. The main types of ceramics are Abrasives, Advanced Ceramics, Artwares, Biomedical Ceramics, Parfaite, Building Ceramics, Ceramic Dietary fiber, Collectables, Blend Ceramics, Cookware, Electronic/Electrical, Fireplaces, Giftware, Glass, Household Things, Kitchenware, Molds, Mosaics, Porcelain Enamel, and Pottery” (www.ceramics-directory.com).


Ceramics Tableware Products' Market Placement: A Relative Study on Leading Businesses in Bangladesh

* Assistant Professor, Teachers of Organization Administration, Asian University, Dhaka

" In 2001, Bangladesh had five ceramics firms but now Bangladesh has more than ten hard industry products. Five of them are fairly huge and these are Monno Hard Industries, Shinepukur Ceramic Industries, Bengal Good Ceramic Sectors, Standard Porcelain Industries and Peoples Hard Industries. These firms produce good quality ceramic and porcelain items. The twelve-monthly production is about 15, 000 tons of hard items. In the beginning, all hard industries crafted to the domestic market simply. Many companies, with support from the analysis community, are beginning to realize that...

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Daffodil Intercontinental University Journal of Business and Economics, Vol. 5, No . one particular & 2, December, 2010


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